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This Photo is before my Feller days. So could someone please help me locate it in time?
Here are two responses
    Hi Rick:
That photo from Lucy Broulliet I believe is from the 1930's.  Can't give you an exact date but from the clothing styles I believe it would be from that era.  I believe that I recognize Mr. Therrien in the front row who was at the time the principal at Feller.  Maybe someone else might be able to identify it but I think that those that could, might be 'past on'.
Lucy (Anex) Pelly 
Greetings Rick, Under the News caption of the Feller website, there is a request to help locate one of Lucy's photos in time.I can't give you the exact year, but I can tell you that the picture was probably taken in 1935-36 or 1936-37. I entered Feller in Sept.1939 and I was there until the wartime closing in Dec.1942 - a member of the senior class that never graduated. Some but not all the teachers in the photo were still on staff when I first came to Feller. Arch Magee is in the photo, in front of Frank Stanton. Arch Magee had been a teacher at Feller for three or four years at the most prior to his appointment in Sept.1942 as principal.
A bit of incidental trivia... During his brief Dec./42,- smoking was allowed outside the buildings. 
 Lucien Perras


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