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Photos from the collection of Lucy Brouillet
1. The Feller building from the front, girl's side.
Photos of Lucy and Henri Brouillet
2. The Feller building - from a postcard. 1. Lucy & Henri not long after they met.
3. The Feller building, 1925. 2. Lucy & Henri - "Us".
4. A front shot of the Feller Building in colour. 3. Lucy & Henri on the Feller front veranda.
5. Massey Hall and the water tower from the rear, girl's side, 1928. 4. Lucy & Henri at Mississqoui Bay, 1927.
6. The Principal's residence, 1929. 5. Picnic at Mississquoi Bay, 1927.
7. Lucy Cogswell, her first year at Feller, 1925.
8. Lucy and the Feller choir, 1958 (I would guess) Help! I cannot place this photo in time.
9. The Feller Dining Room, Christmas 1925.
10. An interview with the Dean of Girls, 1958.
11. The Feller Rink, date unknown.
12. Lucy in her first Feller apartment, 1925.
13. The Dean of Girls in her office, 1957.

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