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I know we look like a bunch of guys that just got out of jail, but we were the Feller College Hockey Team of  1956-57. I won't tell you how many official games we played ( 2 ) but we were undefeated and we had a great friendship between us. I don't remember all the names but the faces I will never forget. 
Here's the ones I know. Bk. row; L to R
(1) Bobby Thomas    (2) John Talbot  (3) .........(4) Albert St. James
(5) Tim Pete
(6) Tim Carnell (7) .......(8)  Alex Zbikowski ( Zibby )
Ft. row; L to R
(1) Doug Masson   (2) Howard Chapman  (3) ........ (4) Lester Dezan

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