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Doug Masson's Gallery
Feller College, 1956.
Bobby Thomas & Albert St. James at front door.
Feller, rear view, boys side. Feller's Rear End !!
The Feller farm - no kidding!
The Feller Farm & tennis court from 2nd floor window.
The Vauxhall. I think this car belonged to Mr. Brouillette but I'm not sure. Maybe Albert St. James would know.
It was always park at the courtyard. Or, perhaps it belonged to Rev. Lamb. It looks like something he would buy !!
Grade 10 - 1956-57.  Junior Banquet 1957. St. Jean Que. 
Left to right: Lorne Plunkett, Doris Nevers, Alex Zbikowski ( Zibby ), Jean Kolesnikow, Vivian Harriman, Don Cameron, John Talbot, Phyllis MacKenzie, Doug Masson, Jane Seeley, Ross Osler, Lester Dezan, Denise Auclair, Dick Clements, Robert Thomas, and Peter Payan. 
Doug Masson  & Lorne Plunkett; 1957
Farm manager, John Standish. This guy used to dare me to do pranks. He was a good friend at Feller.
Doug Masson with John Talbot in background. 1956-57. 
The Hockey Team.
I know we look like a bunch of guys that just got out of jail, but we were the Feller College Hockey Team of  1956-57. I won't tell you how many official games we played ( 2 ) but we were undefeated and we had a great friendship between us. I don't remember all the names but the faces I will never forget. 
Here's the ones I know. Bk. row; L to R (1) Bobby Thomas    (2) John Talbot  (3) .........(4) Albert St. James (5) Tim Pete (6) Tim Carnell (7) .......(8)  Alex Zbikowski ( Zibby )
Ft. row; L to R (1) Doug Masson   (2) Howard Chapman  (3) ........ (4) Lester Dezan
John Talbot & Howard Chapman. 
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