Joyriding at Feller
It was in April of 1966 and a beautiful spring day, that I got the ride of my life in a 1952 Chrysler New Yorker, in the "back 40" behind Feller. It was one of those visiting day weekends when your parents came to take you out for supper on the Saturday or Sunday, that this "event" occurred. 

My parents couldn't come to see my brother, Ralph and me at this particular weekend, so we amused ourselves anyhow. I often liked to walk down the road behind the Feller farm to the dump to see what "treasures" could be had, be it some old Quebec license plates or other relics. I didn't dare go and smoke, as lots of the guys did in those days, "out of bounds".

This particular day, I was walking through the fields and saw this black Chrysler sedan bombing around. The car pulled up alongside me and the 2 chaps offered me a "ride". I immediately jumped in and it was Mike Dupont driving and I think Raymond Auclair was with him, but after 35 years, can't be absolutely sure. 

We must have driven around for an hour or more, swerving and bouncing over the hills. By the time it was over, it was time for supper. I recall 2 other such Feller "vehicles". One was a 1951 Plymouth 2 door car, with both doors removed and a Volkswagen "dunebuggy". 

I made arrangements to get back out for yet another joyride on the Sunday and quite happy that my parents couldn't come for a visit after all.

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