Bruce Pettinger's memories of Feller
I started there on third wing, under the watch of Mrs. Burridge, our housemother. I had Ronald and David as my 2 room mates and later on that year, ended up with Bob and Richard, 2 guys from Lennoxville. My first "experience" in the use of foul language was to have a bar of that industrial orange Carbolic soap shoved into my mouth, via this Miss Robillard. She heard me telling off some kid, I forget just who, but I had that nasty taste of soap in my mouth for the rest of that day!

 I do recall those early morning risings, when we boys had to do those pre- breakfast runs  all around the main Feller building, also the heavy clanging sound of the radiators, when the heat was starting to finally get through them, after we froze our....s off the night before! I did find out a few times, just how Mr. Lortie's wooden paddle felt. He was the
housemaster, my first 2 years there, after Steve May departed. The worse paddling I got was in the spring of 1965, when myself and a couple of the lads tried to knock out some birds in this nest, just beside the tennis courts. I succeeded and a "squealer" went immediately to a prefect and by that time, Lortie had enough "stuff" about the other such "stuff" that had
to be dealt with, so we boys were all called up to the chapel immediately after supper and my heart was pounding. I think I had 5 of the best "biffs" and my backside was red, warm and smarting for the rest of that day and into the next one!

        1965 also saw the first rising of the new Canadian flag in February of that year, as well as the terrible Ville LaSalle gas explosions that leveled a few apartment complexes. We also got to watch the funeral of Sir.Winston Churchill in the chapel, via 2 black and white TV sets that the Lortie's brought in. We did a couple of boys later on in 1965 that had been through the LaSalle gas explosion. One of them didn't take too well to teasing (We'd never do that!) and took after my brother, with a pair of heavy duty scissors and tried to attack him in the boys' washroom on third wing. My brother fortunately was able to get into a toilet stall and the prefect intervened.

        I was on fourth main during my second year, with Bob and John. A silly thing we did for a few laughs, was to wait until the flat got quiet after lights out and then we'd take turns going to the washroom and bang the toilet seats up and down hard, until the prefect came and told us to stop the racket and get back to our room. I was one that had the "habit " of
running a ruler, pencil or some object along the walls of the halls. the best racket I got was from those metal coil radiators and the wainscoting paneling on second main, where the classrooms were. I think I almost gave my geography teacher, Miss Jessup a heart attack and was told to get back immediately to tell her what the noise was.

        I was one who loved to listen to the radio and log in the distant American radio stations late at night after lights out and a few times, I got Bob's transistor radio confiscated, much to his anger. 

         My final year at Feller, saw the departure of Guy Lortie and Lloyd Meldrum took over the tasks of acting housemaster. We had to address him as "Mr. Lloyd", due to his dad and I had 2 new room mates, Stan and Ivor. One thing that really comes to mind was the amount of mice that also "attended" Feller that final year. A couple of guys on our third wing flat kept track about how many mice were caught by pinning their tails all along the notice board on our floor. 

        One night, my 2 room mates and I were looking over the court yard to the girls' side, since our room was situated there. I noticed a small part of one of the frosted windows on the girls' side was clear and a pair of heads looking through it to our side. The lads said I was crazy and that there was no way they were looking at us and both proceeded to undress and
parade around our room stark naked and with the lights on, to prove even more I was wrong. The 2 heads on the girls' side suddenly moved and the guys dove for cover! That night in the dining hall, there was plenty of laughter and chatter in the girls' section and 2 red faced lads sitting in our section. 

        I got to see Expo '67 for the first time, compliments of a Feller day trip. We ended up "losing" one of the boys, who decided to sneak away and not return to the school. 

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