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Pointe aux Trembles.
Browsing through the site I hit on "all about Feller..." then to "Grande Ligne Mission Explained" by Lucy (Anex) Pelly. Towards the end of her account she references the only other Protestant French school. This as being in Pointe aux Trembles.
For what it is worth, I went to that school for 2 years before going to Feller. It also was a boarding school and it is there where I learned to speak french, as all schooling was done completely in french. I failed the first year (grade 7) but was then able to concentrate on language skills the second year and came away bilingual. The school was "L'Institute Francais Evanglique" and was located at 12625 Notre Dame st East. P.A.T. My only defining memories from there are that during my 2 years we got hit by Hurricane Hazel (I think that was it's name) and there was the great oil refinary fire, to which we were very close and were prepped for evacuation, but never had to.
P.S.  My memory dredge has hit a rocky ledge lately, but still hope to come up with more stories.

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