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Dining and DRINKING
One must take a moment here to thank the Kitchen Staff of Feller and in particular the Nutritionist and Dietitian. They did their best to feed a bunch of mostly unappreciative kids with what I'm sure was a very limited budget.
But they are also to be thanked for supplying some of the seniors with the necessary ingredients for making our in house recreational alcohol supply. I'm sure that most of you remember the 2 variations of plums that we were fed regularly as a dessert. They were the big red ones and the big green ones. Both came in a syrup that was so thick it almost was a solid.
At this point in time we must pause to thank our Chemistry teachers (Mr. Cram) who diligently taught us that combining a sugary syrup, yeast and a bit of patience would produce alcohol.
So there we were coming to meals with large pop bottles under our jackets and filling them with plum syrup. Get the picture ?
You got it Sparky, we were practicing our chemistry lessons in our rooms. The results cannot legally be called "White Lightening" as no distillation took place, but the words "Home Brew" hit the mark if you considered Feller to be Home!
Some of the first batches were pretty raunchy until the correct amount of yeast and brewing time was determined by a trial and error method. Regardless of the taste, all batches were consumed and a good time was had by some.
La Carte de Vin Monsieur ?

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