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FHR and the SPAM
Having trooped down to supper one evening, we took our places at our tables, I was sitting at FHR's. Following the blessing, the table server (and note passer) went to the kitchen to get our food and returned with a bowl containing 8 baked potatoes. Setting the bowl on the table he then proceeded to sit down at his place. A small silence ensued as FHR viewed this offering and then he asked somewhat sarcastically if the server needed a rest before bringing the rest of the meal. The server informed him that that was all there was. FHR now turning slightly red, went to the kitchen himself to see what was what. Leaving the kitchen he went to the head table and launched into a discourse with the people there. The dining hall was the quietest I had EVER heard it as all strained to hear the diatribe coming forth.
Not receiving any satisfaction he returned to our table and with great flourish and loud rhetoric he took out his wallet and brought forth some cash which he gave to someone at the table and directed him to go to the store and buy some canned meat. Our hero messenger returned posthaste with several cans of SPAM or some such. FHR with great ceremony opened same and divided it into 8 equal parts.  That was the night that 7 students (and 1 teacher) ate better than the head table did and also the night that FHR earned a lot of respect from the students.
(Murray Mills)

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