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The Radio Tower (From Brian Babb). 
I just read Murray Mills account of climbing. It was in fact a part of  "the Boy Thing to do". Here is my story.
On a May evening just before Graduation - Clifford Gregory,  Michel Girodo, myself and I think one or two others decided to take the challenge of climbing the tower. It was a crystal clear evening and when we arrived at the top we could see the cross on Mount Royal. We did not leave the traditional flag but we left our signatures on the crossbar at the top of the tower. 
All was well until we arrived back at  the school building. We were all on second wing and when we returned the lights were on!! We knew then and there that Uncle Stevie had conducted a bed check. We all panicked, we knew that we were caught. We proceeded to our rooms to wait for the consequences. I was scared stiff and in panic mode because if I was expelled at this point my father would have killed me. 
Finally Uncle Stevie arrived on our floor with his usual military finesse. We all gathered to hear our punishment. I think that because Clifford and I were officers in his Sea Cadet Corps he was lenient. Even though he was displeased I think he did not pursue the matter further because it wouldn't have looked too good if two of his officers were expelled before graduation. 
I don't recall what our punishment was. However, I was so relieved that this episode didn't affect my graduation and that I was able to live to see it. (My father never knew that this had occurred.)
Murray said that to his knowledge noone was ever caught - so thought I would tell my story and confirm that at least 3 were caught scaling the tower. 
If anyone else remembers the details of this or any other similar escapades please tell the story.

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